All our pupils wear uniform, from Nursery to Year 6. All monogrammed items are available from school.

Our uniform

  • Children wear dark grey or black skirts, dresses or school trousers with monogrammed polo shirts and blue monogrammed cardigans or sweatshirts.  Year 6 students wear a white shirt with a blue and white tie.

  • All children need a 'book bag' and a monogrammed book bag is also available via school.

  • School shoes should be comfortable and dark in colour.

PE Kit

  • Our PE kit consists of a monogrammed blue t-shirt and plain black shorts - both of which are available from school, or you may wish to purchase plain black shorts yourself.  A pair of suitable pumps/trainers are also required for PE.

Jewellery is not permitted at school other than a tiny stud in pierced ears which has to be removed before PE/any physical activity.