School Dinners

We offer a selection of warm and cold meals with vegetarian options and can cater for any dietary requirements on request.  Our menus adhere to recommended guidelines for healthy lunches and are changed every four weeks.

Our meals are prepared off-site at Riverside School and have to be ordered in advance.  A daily lunch costs £2.10.  We operate an advance ordering system where children choose their lunches from a printed menu one month in advance.  Lunches should be paid for at least one week in advance, £10.50 per week but preferably at the beginning of every half-term. 

As our lunches are ordered one day in advance, we can only make minimal changes before 9.15am each day.  Therefore if you require a lunch for your child which you hadn't ordered, please advise the office by 9.15am and we will be able to order one for your child.  If your child is sick, we can cancel your meal if the office have notification before 9.15am and you will not be charged for it.  Unfortunately if we do not have notification of a cancellation before 9.15am, the lunch will start to be prepared and you will be charged for the meal.

Free school meals

Some children are entitled to free school meals. Find out if you are eligible and apply here.

Packed lunches

It’s also possible for pupils to bring in packed lunches from home if you wish. These should be healthy meals, without sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.

No nuts please - food containing nuts is not allowed in any packed lunches due to allergies. Please help us keep all our children safe by following this important rule.

Free fruit

We love fruit! There’s often fresh fruit around in school. Sometimes we grow it ourselves. In Early Years there’s always plenty of fresh fruit available which children can help themselves to. Fruit is always free.


We have fresh milk to drink every day. For children under 5, and those on free school meals, this is provided for free. For children over 5, it is optional, and paid for via the Cool Milk website.


Each morning from 8.30am, Mrs Butterworth can be found in the school hall making rounds of hot buttered toast, on sale for 20p. The children love it!

Don’t forget our Schools Out Breakfast Club is also on each morning from 7.30am, for before-school childcare, including a yummy breakfast.

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