Our classroom is a happy, busy and caring place where we share and look after each other.

We love to get involved in practical learning and enjoy sharing our knowledge and interests with each other. Many of us are real ‘book worms’, reading lots of different genres and writing reviews about these. Through discussion and drama we discover meaning in a text and learn things about the world around us and each other.


This half term we are working on:

English – “Diary of a killer cat. Escape from Pompeii”. Writing recounts, summaries and diary extracts. “Down with the Romans Boudicca” – historical story

Maths – Place value, including Roman numerals, (rounding & negative numbers – Year 4), addition and subtraction.

Science – Rocks and soils

Topic - Roman invasions, soldiers & Boudicca

Music - Exploring melodies and scales

Art – Roman art, e.g. mosaics, drawings, sculpture

French - getting to know you

RE - The Creation / Fall

Swimming & P.E. on Tuesdays


What can you expect in Year 3 and 4?


What’s happening in Year 3 and 4?

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