In Year 1 we love to learn!  We are creative and we love stories.  Children are encouraged to grow their independence and to be responsible.  We care about each other and the world around us.  We also have a lot of fun!  

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This half term we are working on:

English - "Is there a dog in this book?" by Silvia Viviane Schwarz

Phonics - Lots of phonics practice and reading alien words that are non-words but can be read following the phonics concept

Maths - Multiplication and division

R.E. - Judaism

Science - Plants

PE is on Thursdays



Year 1 have to do the phonics screening check during the week beginning 10th June.

This is a national check and is nothing to worry about as your child has been learning phonics all year and reading alien words which are not real words but follow the same phonics patterns taught this year. 

The check is done by Mrs Bullman.  Please ask Mrs Bullman if you have any questions.


What can you expect in Year 1?

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What’s happening in Year 1?

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