Eco summit


Our Eco group went to the Town Hall on Tuesday afternoon to present to schools from our area at the first ever Eco Summit.

Other schools were Colden, Luddendenfoot Academy, Midgley and Old Town.

Presentations were about:

  • Recycling crisp packets – two schools did this already

  • Collecting batteries for recycling

  • Making eco bricks – which are pop bottles stuffed solid with single use plastic and used to build things like walls and houses!

And our girls did a presentation around why it would be good to go meat free one day a week so that the demand for cow meat in particular declines. The methane the cows produce is contributing significantly to our global warming.

Our recommendations won the most votes and so our next task now is to write to the school meal providers and to parents to try to persuade them to have a meat free Monday.

Well done girls!!!