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Matilda Stokes(a couple of months ago)

I love the pictures of 1/2 play

Ella(a couple of months ago)

I really enjoyed the nursery and reception’s play , they did very well !

Jessica powell(less than a year ago)

I hope the flat roof is ok

Oliver(less than a year ago)


Sophie D(less than a year ago)

I can't wait for Tuesday. So excited

Matilda stokes(about a year ago)

Can't wait for the play Oliver Twist

Sophie D(about a year ago)

I hope everyone enjoyed young voices on Thursday.

meg(about a year ago)

I enjoyed reading year 6's war poems they were all really good. well done year 6

Sophie.D(about a year ago)

I can't wait for young voices at manchester arena. So excited

Sophie drayton(about a year ago)

I loved year 1/2 and early years too ✨

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