Key stage 2 children have French lessons throughout their 4 years of school.  Each term a French story or poem is studied and the National Curriculum here is covered through the text.  The children learn to say and read the story or poem, finding meanings of words and phrases through actions and images.  Each term a French phoneme, which features in the text, is taught through songs, rhymes and games until pronunciation is accurate and words featuring this phoneme are read easily.  Phrases from the text are extracted and adapted in order for the children to hold a conversation in French and to perform to others.  Grammar is taught through learning how to write and adapt accurate sentences from the text.  New vocabulary from dictionaries is found to fit the sentence structure or to build new sentences.


'Je veux manger''

We learnt and adapted phrases from this text  and can now read and pronounce the phoneme 'eu'', 'eux'.  

 One phrase from the text inspired us to perform.  We had fun acting out just exactly whose glue stick this was!  The poor teacher in the chair couldn't decide and was amazed when it belonged to everyone!

We were challenged to make up a small play using the language learnt with only 10 minutes to practise!  Listen to what we achieved.

We play many games to practise and learn vocabulary, speaking in words and sentences.  It's great fun!

'La chasse a l'ours'

Year 4 enjoyed learning the story trying hard with their pronunciation.

We learnt a tongue twister to practise the sound 'on'.



'Sept Couleurs Magiques' poem.

We learnt and revised the colours and the French phoneme 'qu'.  Here is the poem beautifully read.

These children are playing a "follow me" game in French using classroom objects vocabulary and to practise how to say the 'qu' sound. They are trying hard to read the words of the objects and pronounce them perfectly too.  It is difficult to know who is going to speak next!

l'Automne Arrive

We learnt the 'oi' French sound here and enjoyed learning to recite the rhyme 'Voici ma main' with actions. These children wanted to perform their rhyme.