Health and Well-Being Week

We had visitors in school this week to teach us about being healthy.  Each class worked on different activities.  Here are some of the things that happened.


The most exciting part of the day was a Box2BFit session.  All of our classes took part in this and had a fantastic time keeping fit.

Moving around the stations doing different timed exercises.

Exhausting - but huge fun!


Year 5 learnt how to be positive in their lives.  They put on special glasses which gave them the power to "power switch" when things weren't going so well and see things from a more positive angle.



Year 4, 5 and 6 really enjoyed making smoothies using bicycles. 

They used specially adapted bicycles and used pedal power to blend the fruit and juice.

One bicycle was hand powered the other was leg powered. The children played an ‘over and under’ game to make the smoothie making into a race.

There were two teams each making a different smoothie. One was apple, raspberry and mango juice, the other was banana, strawberry and apple juice.

They also took the challenge of a ten minute silent game.

The smoothies were delicious!




Reception took part in ball games in the classroom and learnt about why fruit is healthy. We were really good at turn taking and team work.




KS1 learnt how to make sure they could follow a balanced diet and why it was important to do so.




Year 4 enjoyed a visit from Miss Pendlebury from Positive Kidz. The session was about positive thinking and power shifting.

The children looked at negative situations and how to turn them into positives by looking through power goggles. The children looked at scenarios and considered whether they were victims or had a growth mindset.

They had negative/positive scenarios and had to make decisions through role play.




Look how healthy we are now!


With Year 3 The health team played some energetic games. We enjoyed the circuit training bingo where we learnt how to be a plank shape and perform lunges and squats. Phew, they worked us hard!

We also learnt about the importance of sleep. What sleep does for our bodies and also things we can do to help us get a restful night’s sleep, like having a bedtime story and drinking warm milk. We were surprised by some of the things that you shouldn’t do before bedtime like watching television or eating sugary foods.



KS1 enjoyed learning yoga.  All the children listened and followed instructions so well that many yoga poses were learnt.  Individual ones and group ones too.




Year 4 had two sessions with the Better Living Team. In the first one they learned about the pulse and the effect of exercise on the heart and lungs.

In the second session they played co-operative games and worked as a team to win races.




 Thank you to:

Calderdale's Healthy Living Team 

Anne from Positive Kidz

Chris from Blender Bikes


Dave from Box2BFit.