Book Week


This year's book week focused on Poetry.  It coincided with Mothering Sunday and Comic Relief's Heroes and Villains dressing up day!  Many classes decided that their mums were superheroes and wrote poems for them.  Here is a selection of some of the things we got up to.




Children in Reception class told a poem about Spiderman.  He must have been listening and arrived in the classroom to take part.  Did he come to meet Batman?  Do you think the children noticed he was there?




KS1 children loved reading poetry books together and choosing their favourites from the display in their reading corner. 




Year 3/4 have been writing poems for their ‘Supermums’.

We all agree that our mums are superhero supermums!





Each child was given a World Book Day token.  We hope they spent it and managed to get the book they wanted.







Hebden Royd

is a reading school.


I hope you can see from our photos how much our children love to read and also to write poems!



Children in Year 1 and 2 wrote a diamante poem for their mums for Mother's Day.




Year 4/5 have been writing poems for their supermums.  They modelled their poems on a poem called Superman’s Sister by Brian Moss. 

Even Pippi Longstocking and Bugsy Malone had time to think of how special mums are.




KS2 children learnt to read a poem in French by Mymi Doinet.  It is about a rainbow and features many 'qu' words which the children have been learning is pronounced 'k'.  They tried hard to read the words and pronounce them perfectly. These 9 children from Year 3 were brave enough to be videoed!  Listen for the 'k' sounds




 Year 6 wrote Superhero poems for their mothers.