Aspirations Week

We had many visits from our talented parents to share their amazing and different occupations.

The children asked some very insightful questions of our guests. They now have a good idea of what opportunities await them in the future and what qualifications they may need to achieve in order to follow their dreams and aspirations.

A huge thank you to all parents who gave up their time to talk to our children.

Liz Flanagan talked about what was involved in being a children's author. She read one of her magical stories, which was enjoyed by all and described how lots of people were needed to make the book.



This mum is a barrister.  We all enjoyed trying on her fabulous gown.  The wig was the best bit!  What an important job she has and many of us now aspire to join her.


This mum explored mental health and emotions in a variety of situations which was a real insight into how the children see things.

Kaylou’s Mum, Karolina explained all about how the ear works. She showed us a model and let us handle and look at all the parts of an ear. “It looks like a snail!”, said Kaylou. We tried on hearing aids to see what it felt like. We also looked into Kaylou’s ear to see what an eardrum looked like, it was fascinating.

The tuning forks made a ringing sound, we could hear them through our skulls when we covered our ears. 







Many, many thanks to all these fantastic parents.  We hope you will visit us again soon.

Olivia Walters is a lady who does conservation work with tigers. She had lots of interesting photographs to show us. Her talk made us aware of the problems facing this endangered species and how important her work was to help prevent further cruelty.


Mark Coup has worked as a nurse with people who have a mental health illness. He now works helping people overcome their physical problems.  We handled and talked about some of the equipment that would be used to help people.  There are some really clever inventions.


This mum told us all about her job as a photographer. We enjoyed taking photographs of each other and learning about some of the ways photography is needed in lots of places.


Sophie and Martha talked to us about the fantastic job of being a midwife.  The children loved finding out what an important and rewarding job this is.


Years 4,5 & 6 enjoyed a visit from Calder Valley Search and Rescue dog handlers..

Ellie and Pete brought their dogs Pepper and Meg to school to show and tell the children about their roles in Search and Rescue. We walked up to the park at Eaves and learned about the job they do and the training dogs undertake. Some children were ‘hidden’ and the dogs were sent to find them. The dogs obviously enjoy their work and the children made a big fuss of them which they seemed to enjoy.



Thank you also to

  • Racheal Thomson for talking about her work with Malaria, 
  • Fliss Johnson Standley for telling us about an IT charity,
  • Jen Gibbons for explaining the job of a Solicitor,
  • Greg Elwell for showing us a Project Manager's job,
  • Guy Haley who writes Science Fiction books,
  • Selvino de Kort who is an endangered species lecturer,
  • Rowena Rooney who works at Suma Foods,
  • Mags McLoughlin who is a carer and
  • Sally Hughes, a craft/Etsy tutor.