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Our Art exhibition in the school hall featured Art completed by each class.  

We hope you managed to see it.



Brrr it's getting cold in our hall - we're starting to display all our cold weather art inspired by the winter topic in EYFS and by the painting of Hunters in the Snow by Breugel and by the fact that it's winter here too!
Foundation Stage have made lots and lots of penguins.
Year 4 / 5 have painted snowy Hebden scenes.

What is art?

Which is your favourite interpretation of "Sunflowers" by Vincent van Gogh?

Impressionism.  Artwork inspired by the paintings and techniques used by Camille Pissaro.  Year 5.

Year 5, continuing on with the style of Camille Pissaro, looked at how his work progressed and became very 'dotty'.  This technique is known as pointillism.

Year 3 Artwork inspired by Paul Gaughin's Tahitian landscapes.

Climeatepics by Year 6.  Imaginative artwork showing how our local landscape could look after extreme global warming.  Inspired by the work of local photographic artist Jason Elliot.

Art Exhibition at Blackshaw Head Chapel

Stained glass windows by year 1.


Viking Ship collage by year 3/4 and Viking Longboat figure heads by year 4/5.


Personality portraits by year 6.


Colourful artwork inspired by the artist Joan Miro by year 3/4.


Artwork inspired by artist Paul Klee by year 6.


Celtic huts in clay by year 2.


Sunsets and silhouettes, using chalk pastel by year 2.


Circus clowns by year 3/4.


Mixed media artwork using charcoal, collage and vintage document pages.


Mill town, stylised chalk pastel sketches by year 6



Tour de France float - Year 4/5 -



Stained glass windows for Easter - Year 6



Posters and bunting for the Tour de France  - Year 3/4


Gaudi inspired mosaic pictures by Year 6 


Picasso inspired 'Cubist portraits' by various year groups


Space Artwork and diaramas by Year 4/5


Snowmen paintings in the style of Raymond Briggs by Reception