This half term we are working on 

  • English -Story writing related to the Littlenose stories.

    "Fortunately the milk" by Neil Gaimen

  • Maths - Subtraction and multiplication.
  • Science - Sound
  • Art/DT - Iron Age homes, Christmas crafts
  • Computers - Algorithms
  • Dance - Explorers and Hornpipe.
  • Music - Christmas songs.


Year 3/4


This year your teacher is Mrs Brayshaw

with Mrs Smith


Our topic this Autumn term is

Stone Age to Iron Age



 Look at the Year 3 curriculum here

and Year 4 here




P.E. is on Tuesdays.



The children had a super time in their archaeology workshop with Mr Andrews. They handled and learnt about many stone-Age artefacts, flint arrow heads, knives and axes some of which were really quite beautiful. They also had a go at digging and cataloguing their own finds, working as a team and sharing the tasks between them. With natural colours in oil pastel and pencils the children created their own cave art with some very impressive results.

At Mytholm Meadows the children met up again with their friends to review their garden work and think up some new and interesting ideas for some of the garden areas. Some of their ideas and designs will hopefully be incorporated into some of the garden areas at a later date with the children’s help. Whilst they were there they made a delicious drink with the residents, a warm spiced apple drink, which they all enjoyed making and especially drinking!


Year 3 and 4 worked in groups to investigate their own questions about water. Can water be made to flow upwards? What happens when materials are put into water? When you mix materials with water what will happen? The children had to predict, plan and choose resources then from their results work out what it all meant and come to a conclusion.



Year 3 & 4 have been finding out about states of matter. We wondered if gases had a weight and experimented with different types of fizzy pop. By weighing the liquid before and after stirring, we discovered most of the pop was lighter in weight when some of the co2 had gone.
We also investigated the process of evaporation, using lots of skills to measure weight before and after wetting the cloths and recording results in a table. Unfortunately, our test was left too long and we found out that after 24 hours most of the cloths wherever they had been put to dry were about the same apart from the ones sealed in bags.


Year 3& 4 have been making cave paintings in the manner that Stone Age people would have done. They have used natural colours to represent plants and crushed stone colours and applied these with their fingers instead of brushes.



Year 3 & 4 have been creating some work for display relating to the stone- age theme. They made spears and tools out of clay, they drew around their hands with charcoal, made a camp- fire out of tissue and sticks and cut out some leaves.