This half term we are working on 

  • English - 'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Book?' - another fabulous book by Lauren Child
  • Maths - Telling the time, measurement - mass, capacity, temperature
  • R.E. - Judaism


Year 2


This year your teacher is 

Mrs Leese


Our Science topic this Summer term is plants, living things and their habitats.



 Look at the Year 2 curriculum here


P.E. is on Tuesdays.





All year 2 took part in a full day of 'riding a bike training'. They started with balance bikes where they played games to practise balancing.  Then they moved onto pedal bikes.  They had a fun day and can now confidently and safely ride a bike.  They people leading the training were very complimentary about the attitude of the children.

Well done year 2!

We visited Towneley Hall today for our topic of "History within living memory". 

We looked at and handled objects that were less than 100 year's old.  Lots of the adults were able to remember some of the objects used in the home.  Mrs Leese learnt to type on a typewriter like this one.

The children might be able to have a conversation with their grandparents about some of the objects seen.  They were amazed by the tiny size of the TV and how so many people would try to see it because having a TV was a luxury. 

"Your children are so polite"  said the bus driver.

"Your children set a good example, they have been so friendly to our little boy" said a couple in the park.

Well done Year 2!



We had lots of challenges to do with thinking about numbers on the NSPCC Number Day.

Look at the numbers on our clothes too! We thought of a number game Neo could play with the storm whale.


Some fabulous work year 2 are doing on bucket filling - We saw a school in Ireland had done this and we thought we'd like to try it too.  We love being the greeter at the start of each new session but we love being able to choose our greeting.

Which one would you choose if you visited our classroom?  Look here.



We have been enjoying the story "Claude in the City" this term.  Claude is a beret wearing dog who has an expedition to London with his best friend Sir Bobblysock!  From this story we found out about London and discovered places to visit and things to see.  We had a great deal of fun pretending to be different characters and answering questions as if we actually were those characters.  

Our writing shows that we can write a postcard from London and that we can write a newspaper report of the Art Gallery trip when Claude saves the day!  We are getting better at re-reading our writing and changing it to make it perfect.  

We are now super-spellers as we understand a different spelling rule each week.  Thank you for your help at home with this.

In PE we have been learning how to play cricket.  So much fun in the playground.