This half term we are working on 

  • English - we are working on the power of reading text; The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Alhberg.  All  about a jolly postman who delivers letters to some familiar fairy tale and traditional tale characters.    We have set up our own post office in the classroom.
  • Phonics - I am really pleased with how the children have taken on the spelling zappers challenge. Many of the children will be claiming their first spelling zapper award this week. If your child hasn’t zapped yet, please give it a go or ask if you are not sure. Learning to spell in a fun way really benefits your child’s reading and writing.  
  • Maths - We are currently working on addition and subtraction within 20, soon we will be moving onto place value within 50 including multiples 2,5 and 10.
  • Science - This term we have started a science topic all about materials. We have been making houses inspired by the three little pigs out of straw, sticks and bricks.


Year 1


This year your teacher is 

Mrs Bullman


Our History topic this Spring term is

changes within living memory.



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P.E. is on Thursdays



Attic conversion letter



Christmas Party trip to Eureka with EYFS



In English our writing has been inspired by the book 'Here Comes Frankie' by Tim Hopgood. The book tells the story of a lonely boy who takes up playing the trumpet which in turn transforms his life into a colourful and wonderful place. We are now enjoying a short unit on poetry.
In maths we have looked at more than and less than and one more and one less. We have also learnt new vocabulary in the use of greater than and less than. We have taken our maths outside and jumped around the playground finding numbers greater and less than. We have had lots of hands on fun with the cubes and maths equipment.
In phonics we have discovered some new sounds like a-e, ee and ay and the difference between oi and oy. We have played lots of games and learnt how to sound out using our robot arms.
We do RE with Ms Moreland. We have looked at the difference between Jewish and Christian weddings and religious symbols and talked about making promises. We very much enjoyed the wedding between the owl and they pussycat.
We also do art with Ms Moreland in which we have been inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. We have also made work for our 'Here Comes Frankie' display.
In Geography we are finding out all about the United Kingdom including the differences between cities and the countryside and all about our capital London.