This term we are working on:

This half term in year 6 is all about SATs, well for the first 3 weeks anyway! We have started a new class book ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ by Geraldine McCaughrean. We will have the opportunity to explore lots of art, music, history and geography from this text.

The children have been brilliant over spring term and have come back to school with a spring in their step.  We understand that this could be a time of worry and stress however these tests WILL NOT define your children, they are and always will be a credit to the school.

As Einstein once said “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”



Year 6


Your teacher is Mr Paton.




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P.E. is on Mondays.



Calderdale Children's Book of the Year.

Five Year 6 readers worked through 4 very different books, reading for enjoyment and writing a review afterwards to recommend     ( or not ) to fellow pupils.
We had a mixed range of preferences amongst us – but the book that won in the end was "We Are Giants" by Amber Lee Dodd – read Leela’s review here.



As part of Year 6’s topic on Oceans they were finding out about how people affect the oceans and were horrified to learn that a dumper truck’s worth of plastic is dumped into our oceans each minute!

According to the latest research 150 million tonnes of plastic are already suffocating our ocean life.

This is a terrible result of our throwaway mentality and a result of things being over packaged.

We listened to a young man called Boyan Slat who talked about his life changing idea of a boom which would stop the plastic in its tracks as it floated around our ocean currents. We were inspired. Then we hit on the idea of collecting our plastic from home for just a week . . . just how much do we actually discard?

The result was staggering.

We presented our plastic “dump” and a display of our work on Friday, parents were shocked to find out how much the sea life of our planet is affected and killed by our thoughtlessness.

Here we are with just a week’s worth of plastic from the children in Year 6.

PLEASE make sure you recycle your plastic and look for options where you do not need another plastic bag or buy over packaged produce from a supermarket – local providers use paper bags as opposed to the plastic trays and bags we find our fruit and vegetables sitting in if we use a supermarket.  You can find out more about Greenpeace’s current campaign which is an expose of the giant plastic footprint of the soft drinks industry at

Greenpeace's tweet here


It’s almost the end of our Watery World topic and so Year 6 went to The Deep in Hull.

They held Hissing Cockroaches as part of a workshop on adaptation and were treated to amazing sights in the tanks of The Deep as they saw penguins, turtles, rays and sharks among many other fish and water creatures they have there.



Year 6 really threw themselves into the Shrove Tuesday part of this week.

They found out fun facts about the way each country in the United Kingdom celebrates the day and then made and ate the pancakes in question!

How did you have yours?



Year 6 were visited by Sergeant Major Kenworthy of the Royal Fusiliers who talked about the life of a modern soldier. The children got to handle modern artefacts and asked lots of questions.



Year 6 have borrowed a box or original and replica World War One artefacts for a week from The Imperial War Museum. From a tank mask, to an artificial eye – the children were mesmerised.



Year 6 had a great time at Bankfield Museum participating in a Great War workshop. It was made more poignant because it was Remembrance Day.



Year 6 have been making observations about the battles of World War One. They used images and figurative language to create these moving poems.



If you need a mixture separating – ask Year 6. They filtered, decanted, used magnets, evaporated, panned and sieved to separate materials in an afternoon of very messy science!



We had a messy science afternoon making salt crystals by creating ‘supersaturations’?

Wonder what one of those is? Just ask a Year 6 pupil.



We had a fabulous time at the Sculpture Park and Kingswood – solving problems, scaling to new heights and dangling from zip wires.




We created these amazing scaled pictures in charcoal by working collaboratively.



Year 6 mixed mathematics with the ancient art of ‘welly wanging’ (see how far you can chuck a welly). They worked in groups and used their skills in measurement and column addition.


Welcome back to school Year 6 for the year 2016/17