This term in year 6 we will be focusing on:
English: Genre Writing – looking at various extracts from a wide selection of genres and writing in that style. Children will be consolidating and putting into practice all grammar taught in autumn term.
Maths: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages & Position & Direction

Science & DT: Know how living things, and the bone structure of fossils, can influence a palaeoartist’s reconstruction. DINOSAURS - Consider how palaeoartists use this information to hypothesise about what dinosaurs looked like. Consider how the vegetation, climate and landscape may have influenced and sustained the different species of dinosaurs that occupied them.
RE: What are the deeper meanings of festivals?

French: Shopping.

Year 6


Your teacher is Mr Paton.


with Mrs Hulme




Our topic this Spring Term is Dinosaurs.


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P.E. is on Tuesdays.



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In Year 6 where our topic is ‘Dinosaurs’, we have been discovering many different facts about these fascinating creatures. In English we have been planning a non-chronological report on aspects of dinosaur behaviour. We have carried out an investigation in science based on cold blooded dinosaurs to see whether size really did matter in terms of cooling down and warming up. We used different sized containers and filled these with warm water, taking a temperature check at 5 minute intervals to see which container cooled quickest and looked at whether shape as well as size had an impact on the cooling process.
This week we have all become paleoartists and have worked together to research our dinosaur, sketch it and then began to mould its body around the skeletal frame. The kids have loved it.



Year 6 opened their doors to the parents and carers on Thursday 7th December to come and view all of our wonderful work on World War One. The children in Year 6 have put in such a lot of hard work at home and in the classroom to create some really fantastic models, propaganda posters, information sheets and PowerPoint presentations. The teachers and parents are very proud of their efforts. Well done Year 6!


Our Year 6 residential was a huge success – we were GLAMPING!
We loved our visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and one of the pupils noted that some of the art on display in the Longside Gallery was so simple that it inspired him to do more in school!
Proud, tired and elated we arrived back at school, only to find we had won SAM for the week as our attendance was the best in school!