This half term we are working on:

  • EnglishScript writing, drama, verb prefixes
  • Maths – multiplication and division, perimeter and area
  • Science - Properties and changes of materials
  • History - Local History, child labour




Year 5


This year your teacher is Mr Smith

 with Miss Lund


Our topic this Autumn Term is Ancient Greece.



 Look at the Year 5 curriculum here.


P.E. is on Mondays.


We were really pleased to reacquaint ourselves with an old friend of school – Natalie Speake - who came into school as part of a project funded local arts group verd de gris.

The idea was to work across generations on Hopes and Dreams. Natalie works with a Dementia group in the Town Hall and so she introduced our Year 5s to her group.

The children wrote about their hopes and dreams eloquently and performed a dance routine that encapsulated their aspirations for themselves and the world.

It was a thoroughly moving event for all concerned and we were able to show our parents and friends it today in Celebration Assembly – there were many amazed and proud faces when our grown up saw what we could achieve!