This half term we are working on:

  • English - 'The Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.  Playscripts.
  • Maths – Decimals and Percentages, Angles.
  • Science - Properties and changes of materials.


Year 5


This year your teacher is Mr Smith

 with Miss Lund


Our topic this Summer Term is Shakespeare.



 Look at the Year 5 curriculum here.


P.E. is on Wednesdays.



A  drummer came in to school and showed us how to create rhythms.


Two men from Square Chapel visited Year 5. They helped children with creating a play script, we all had tips and tricks on what makes a great play script.  The best plays will be chosen and performed at the Square Chapel and Hebden Little Theatre during the Arts Festival.



We went to Ingleborough Caves.  We walked nearly 1km inside the cave and learnt all about stalactites, stalagmites and columns/pillars.  We learnt that the temperature stays the same all year round and we sang happy birthday to three children, hearing the echoes of the cave.



We made our own volcanoes at home which looked amazing.  Then we tested each one using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, coke and mints to find which one had the best eruption!  What great fun we had outside in the yard.

We gave each one a mark out of 10 but in the end we decided that all of the volcanoes were fantastic and all should be winners!



What has happened in the Year 5 classroom?  Ask your child to find out.



We spelt our name and wrote sentences using greek letters.



We are using concrete materials in maths.



We are having gymnastics lessons.


Welcome back to school Year 5 for the year 2016/17