This half term we are working on:

  • English - 'The Tin Forest'.
  • Maths - Measures.
  • History - Local History.  Walk to Gibson Mill, Cragg Coiners, History Trail.
  • Science - Animals including humans.
  • French - 'Va-t'en, Grand Monstre Vert! by Ed Emberley. 



Year 4

This year your teacher is Mrs Horsfall


 Our topic this Summer Term is The Circus.




Look at the Year 4 curriculum here.


P.E. is on Tuesdays


Acting based on the story of Guru Nanak and the Jasmine Flower.


Year 3& 4 had a lovely time at Heptonstall museum. We learnt about the true story of ‘The Coiners’ who lived in and near to Heptonstall. Looking around the village of Heptonstall we saw many old buildings and the grave of David Hartley the’ King’ of the coiners. We had a go at making our own coins using rubbings then cutting out and sticking. I am not sure they are that convincing though!


With the help of one of the circus members and people from Mytholm Meadow, Year 4 made outlines of  acrobats and tightrope walkers  and used multi media to dress the outlines in circus costumes.


Year 4 visited Magna Science Museum in Rotherham.

They had the opportunity to see Air and Fire sections of the museum and then had two workshops.

The children saw a fire tornado, some flammable liquid was fed into a bowl and a wind tunnel drew the flames into a swirling tornado. A tornado was also created in the Air section.

The first workshop was all about solids, liquids and gases. The children decided on the classification of some tricky substances and then made paint using egg yolk (very messy!), vinegar, paprika and oil.

In the second workshop they created BIG circuits to dry some washing. Great fun was had by all.



Year 4 had a fun morning learning how to play West African drums.  They learned how to keep tempo, rhythm and beat.  The children played a two part drum beat and also sang and danced to the drums. 



Year 4 had a lovely day celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th anniversary. The children created recipes for Frobscottle. During the morning they made them and tasted them. Some were absolutely delicious and some tasted as disgusting as Snozzcumbers!

All the children looked wonderful in their Roald Dahl character costumes. A great day was had by all.

I would like to say a huge thank you to children and adults alike for the fantastic effort put in to make the costumes.










Welcome back to school Year 4 for the year 2016/17




















Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Blackpool Zoo. They had a good look around the Zoo and looked at all the animals. They were looking for how the Zoo looked after the animals and what Zoos did to help endangered species.  The children were keen on seeing what sort of enclosures the animals were kept in and if they were treated properly.  Year 4 had a workshop on classification of animals and had some great activities to work on. They had the opportunity to hold and stroke a Madagascan Cockroach and to stroke a skink which surprised some of them, they described the skin as touching ‘plastic’!



River  Dipping at Colden Clough followed by a picnic in the sunshine.



We are helping to keep our community tidy with Calderdale Council's Junior Wardens.



Look at how much fun we are having being pirates.



As part of the Year 4 topic the children have been looking at how sound travels. They have had a go at making their own telephones, thinking about why and how they work. 

They are also creating their own treasure maps and discovered a way of making them look old. They also looked at treasure maps to decide what they would include on the island and where they will hide the treasure.



Year 4 really enjoyed Skip 2 B fit day. They realised just what good exercise skipping is and how it made their hearts race. 

Sam and Ella made good leaders. Their moves were fantastic.



Year 3 & 4 had a visit from a Roman soldier. He came in full battle dress and explained all about the different parts of Roman armour and weapons. The children were able to try on chain mail and handle some of the weapons. Our roman soldier described the tactics of battles and explained the formations Romans used in battle.

The children made and decorated shields which they used in the afternoon to create the testudo formation and used their shields to protect themselves.


We made Christingles with Miss Young. They worked together to write instructions on how to make them.



Year 4 made their own volcanoes out of paper and glue.

Then they tried to make them erupt. They added ingredients using trial and error to find which combination made the best eruption. Fun was had by all!



Roman Food Tasting.  Year 4 sampled lots of flavours the Romans would have used many years ago.  Some liked the food.  Some were not so sure and others showed their dislike!



Year 4 have been looking at volcanoes as part of Geography in connection with their topic on Romans. They have looked at the Earth’s core and how eruptions occur. There are rumours their volcanoes may erupt the week after half term…watch this space.!



Year 3 and Year 4 went to Chester to enjoy the Dewa Experience. They had a Roman Soldier to train them in the Roman way of life. They had shields and walked through Chester as a Legion, some people in the city offered to surrender to the troops. In the afternoon they had a guided tour of the Museum and learned some useful tricks for mending broken bones and wrapping injured heads in goat’s poo! They were also advised “not to try this at home” when they found out soldiers used ground up oyster shells to clean their teeth and rinsed their mouths with their own urine. The children saw the level of Roman excavations which is three metres under the present ground level.

A good time was had by all.



Year 4 say hello from their new classroom.