This half term we are working on:

  • English - 'Stone Mouse' by Jenny Nimmer.
  • Maths -  Addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers.  Multiplication and Division.
  • Science - Light.
  • DT - Making chariots.
  • RE - Christmas
  • French - Getting to know you.


Year 3


This year your teacher is Mrs Brayshaw



 Our topic this Autumn term is 




Look at the Year 3 curriculum here.



P.E. is on Tuesdays


In Year 3 we learnt about sugar hidden in drinks. We played lots of fun games that required co-operation, speed.
We were presented with our new bibles by Reverend Pask. We are enjoying reading them and looking at the colourful pictures.
We have made some lovely Roman jewellery in our topic lessons and some great mosaics too.
In English we have been creating poems about rocks, pebbles and dragonflies. We have learnt about similes and metaphors and tried using these in our work too.


Year 3 had a great time with Year 4, at the Dewa museum in Chester. We marched around Chester to the amphitheatre and the old bathhouse where we performed battle cries and formed a testudo.