This half term we are working on:

  • English - 'Charlotte's Web'.  Non-Fiction - Animals information.
  • Maths -  Measurement/Perimeter, fractions and time.
  • Art - animal related themes - including junk modelling.
  • DT - Making a pop-up book.
  • RE - What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?
  • French - Shopping.


Year 3


This year your teacher is Mrs Brayshaw


with Mrs Kay



 Our Science topic this Summer term is 

Animals including humans.



Look at the Year 3 curriculum here.



P.E. is on Tuesdays

With Phunky Foods year three learnt about where foods come from, the seasonality of some foods in this country and also the foods we get from animals. We made a delicious fruit yoghurt, chopping our own fruits into a cup and then adding plain yoghurt. Jasmin found out that she liked banana when it was added to yoghurt.



In Year 3 we have been investigating magnets using our own ideas to find out answers to our questions.
We had great fun investigating.

We are learning about money in Maths and have been making amounts and solving problems.


In Year three we have been investigating forces and magnets. Here we are finding out what materials are magnetic. We have also investigated which magnets are the strongest in our class by picking up as many paper clips as possible. The winner was the bullet magnet with 77! We found out which surfaces created the most friction by rolling toy cars down a slope and recording our results.
We have also been learning about multiplication and division and have used lots of equipment to help us develop our understanding.



Year 3 have been making bird food cake. We have hung them up in the playground in the hope that some birds might enjoy them. Some of us thought it smelt delicious and some thought it smelt disgusting.
For RE we have begun learning about the meaning behind some religious festivals. We thought about how light is a symbol in many religions and made some beautiful lanterns to brighten up the classroom.
We found out how the planets moved around the Sun and tried to emulate this with our own bodies as the planets. This helped us to answer the question about why we have night and day and also why we have seasonal change. Some of us remembered the Earth is tilted on its axis and you can see this in the pictures.



In Year 3 we learnt about sugar hidden in drinks. We played lots of fun games that required co-operation, speed.
We were presented with our new bibles by Reverend Pask. We are enjoying reading them and looking at the colourful pictures.
We have made some lovely Roman jewellery in our topic lessons and some great mosaics too.
In English we have been creating poems about rocks, pebbles and dragonflies. We have learnt about similes and metaphors and tried using these in our work too.


Year 3 had a great time with Year 4, at the Dewa museum in Chester. We marched around Chester to the amphitheatre and the old bathhouse where we performed battle cries and formed a testudo.