Staff List 2016/17


Headteacher Miss Gretl Young
Deputy Head Mr Paton
Early Years Foundation Stage Miss Hannan, Mrs Beevers
KS1 - Years 1 and 2 Mrs Leese                 
KS2 - Year 3 Mrs Brayshaw 
        - Year 4 Mrs Horsfall
        - Year 5 Mr Smith 
        - Year 6 Mr Paton



Our Support Staff are:

Mrs King with Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs Smith  with KS1.

Mrs Evans, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Kay, Miss Lund, Mrs Hulme, Mrs Moreland with KS2.




Our Admin Staff are:

Mrs Ambrose and Mrs Stanley


Our Dinner Staff are:

Mrs Wadsworth

Mrs Butterworth; Mrs Callaghan, Ms Heywood


Our Caretaking / Cleaning Staff are:

Mr Eccles and Ms Heywood